Apple Watch 2023 Guide: Top Choices & the Budget-Friendly SE

Apple Watch 2023 Guide: Top Choices & the Budget-Friendly SE
Photo by Auguras Pipiras / Unsplash

Apple, the tech giant synonymous with innovation, has over the years released multiple versions of its signature wearable, the Apple Watch. As we move further into 2023, the choices can be overwhelming. Whether you're looking for high-end features or a budget-friendly pick, this guide will help you navigate your options.

Apple Watch Series 8: The Flagship Model


Performance: Equipped with the S9 chip, it offers lightning-fast performance and better efficiency.

Display: Enhanced always-on retina display that's brighter and sharper than its predecessors.

Health Features: Comprehensive health and fitness monitoring, including new metrics and enhanced sensors.

Battery Life: Lasts a day and a half on a single charge, ensuring you're always connected.

Why buy: For those wanting the latest and greatest, the Series 8 is hard to beat.

Apple Watch SE: The Budget-Friendly Pick


Performance: Although it doesn't carry the latest chip, the SE's performance is more than adequate for daily tasks.

Design: Inherits the design of the older Series 6, ensuring a modern look.

Health Features: Essential health metrics like heart rate, sleep tracking, and activity rings.

Price Point: Significantly cheaper than the flagship models while offering a vast majority of their features.

Why buy: If you're new to the Apple Watch ecosystem or need a reliable smartwatch without breaking the bank, the Apple Watch SE is your best bet.

Deciding Factors:

Budget: While the Apple Watch Series 8 offers unparalleled features, it comes at a premium. The Apple Watch SE provides most of the essential functions at a fraction of the price.

Use Case: If you're an avid health enthusiast or a professional requiring cutting-edge features, the Series 8 might be worth the investment. However, for daily tasks and basic health tracking, the SE is more than sufficient.

Ecosystem: Both watches integrate seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem, ensuring that you're always connected and up-to-date.


2023 offers a range of choices for potential Apple Watch buyers. While the Series 8 stands as the flagship, the Apple Watch SE remains a top choice for those wanting reliability on a budget. Analyze your needs and budget to make the perfect pick!