Cool new tools coming soon.

We are soon going to add WHOIS history lookup maybe A tool with a list of dedicated deals for the best hosting providers. A updated tool for the new verizon data plans.

Best domain name provider.

Best domain name registrar list. Namecheap 2. cheapest renewal rate. Credit 3. Credit

Best CPU’s to buy 2021.

Budget friendly   AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Wraith Spire Cooler   Most expensive CPU to buy Second most expensive

Samsung galaxy s21 5g review!

Hi I will be reviewing a Samsung galaxy s21 5g. Pros Amazing Camera 2. Very fast and very responsive. 3. Amazing display and Cons No headphone jack Can’t expand storage Bad warranty Expensive screen replacement. Plastic back

Reviews coming soon

Dear Viewers, I will be reviewing the samsung galaxy s21 5g. In one month from now. Sincerely, Maxwell Gomberg

Dreamhost Referral Code

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Best Smart Sous Vide Cooker 2021!

Dear Viewers, Thank You for checking out this article. Today’s review will be about the Anova cooker nano sous vide cooker. Here is a link to the product I will also like to thank Anova for sending me this item to test. I also would like to say it looks great and I recommend…

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Dear Viewers, We have more reviews coming within the next few days. Happy Holidays. Sincerely, Maxwell Gomberg

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Here is my GitHub developer page!

Dear Viewers, Here is a link of my github developer page! Sincerely, Maxwell Gomberg

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How to install the new windows command prompt on your computer.

Hi my name is Maxwell Gomberg. I will be teaching you today how to install the new windows 10 command prompt. Step one go to Microsoft Store Step 2 type in Windows terminal Step 3 Click on windows terminal. Step 4 Click on install Must have the newest version of windows 10 to install. Hoping…

Post Update

Dear Viewers, New post’s will be soon. With tech tutorials and product testing reviews. Thank You. Sincerely, Maxwell Gomberg

The Best Watch 2019

Hi, my name is Maxwell. I am a professional technician, coder, developer, and mechanic in training.I recommend this watch to others. The item is sold on Amazon, here is the link. item is fast, great, and conformable on your wrist. Here are images of the item. This item is best for party and work events….

The Best Motion Sensor 2019

Hi, my name is Maxwell. I am a professional technician, coder, developer, and mechanic in training. Today I am reviewing the Kangaroo Motion Sensor. Here are some images: Here is a coupon code for 20 percent off your next purchase MAXWELL20. Here is the link to the website. The devices are solid, high quality, and well…

Travel tips and Best Airlines

Hi, My name is Maxwell. I am a professional technician, coder, developer, and mechanic in training. When you are planning a big trip sometimes it is hard to find the best deal. So you can use a vpn called Okayfreedom vpn. The best sites to use are Ryan air and Ita Matrix here are the…

the best item that you should buy

Hi, My name is Maxwell. I am a professorial,technician, coder and mechanic in training. I am here today to review an amazing item. I would like to thank Koolet for sending me this amazing item. This is a great seat cushion because it is comfortable and great for posture. I am giving this item five…

Tech world 2

Hi, my name is Maxwell. I am a professional technician, coder, and developer mechanic in training. Today I am going to teach you how to make a Virtual Basic Script (VBS) 1. First click the windows button. 2. Next, at the same time, click on the r button and type in notepad. 3. Type in…

God mode on windows

Hi, My name is Maxwell. I am professional technician, coder, and developer.  Today i will teach you about god mode on windows 10. First go on the main screen. Then right click then when right click on the main screen you will see new then you will see folder. Then name it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Now you have…

Tech world

Hi, my name is Maxwell. I am professional technician, coder, and developer. Here are some computer tricks: first click on the Windows button, then at the same time click on the R button on the keyboard. Then, type  “Notepad” into the dialogue box. Type the following code into Notepad: @echo off color 0a :start echo %random%…

product testing

Dear Tech Companies, I am available for product testing and will publish reviews on this blog. I am interested in any tech products. Please send inquiries about product testing to [email protected]